I can confidently say that Dr. Chaloux is the most ethical and patient-centered chiropractor that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He strives for clinical excellence and patient satisfaction at every turn. I only wish I still lived close to his practice as I am confident that any friend sent to his office will receive top-notch care!

Aric Frisina-Deyo

Dr. Chaloux is one of the most well-informed, well-trained and knowledgeable chiropractors that I have had the pleasure of being treated by. His exams are thorough and listens attentively. He makes me feel super comfortable and always asks permission before performing any adjustments or exams. Dr. Chaloux makes sure to explain everything he is doing, which is hard to find in a chiropractor. Highly recommend him to anyone in the area.

Bhumi Patel

Dr. Chaloux takes an evidence based and ethical approach to Chiropractic practice. He puts the patients needs first over profit. I highly recommend this high quality service.

Jonathan Karamavros

He is such a great doctor and very sensitive to patients needs. Excited for this new addition in the MDI community.

Lindsay Fine

Dr. Chaloux really helped me with my plantar fasciitis. He spent a lot of time not only working on my issue, but also showing me exercises to do at home. Would definitely recommend!

Acadia Chick

Dr. Chaloux spends the time to get to the route of your problem.He was able to not only diagnose a sudden onset of vertigo, but provide some simple exercises to quickly alleviate the issue. Would highly recommend.

Marc Fine

I was able to get a very quick appointment and Dr. Joel was wonderful. Lots of helpful stretches helped !

Lori Reed

I had a very, very positive experience with Dr. Joel Chaloux. I had severe pain in my lower back for quite a few weeks. I went to Dr. Chaloux for some help on my problem. He diagnosed it quite quickly and he suggested various stretches. The pain went away very quickly, unbelievable. I thanked him so much and to me he's the "Miracle Doctor".

Chester Kolenda

I've once again returned from a treatment with Dr. Chaloux, and he is truly brilliant. I've been dealing with mystery pain for so long. As a martial artist I've been hyper-aware that something was wrong, but as a nonmedical person I didn't have the experience to pinpoint the issue. Dr. Chaloux has helped me to take so much of my back and hip pain away and showed me a regimen for longitudinal care of myself. He is kind, knowledgeable, and gracious, and I truly appreciate everything he's done for me. As we move through our appointments, I feel such consistent growth and change. He's singlehandedly changed my life. I'm too young for the pain I lived with. Dr. Chaloux has me finally feeling my age!

Joseph Caputo

Dr. Chaloux is a great guy. He really cares about his patients and goes above and beyond to teach you about conservative care. Highly recommend

Kayleigh Heath

Dr. Joel Chaloux is amazing! He will tailor your treatment based on your needs and will work with you so that you can find relief on your own if the problem comes back. He fully understands it can be expensive to get treatment and frequent visits aren't always the answer!

Lindsay C.

Dr. Joel took the time to get to know me and my injuries he worked with me the few days I was in Bar Harbor. Highly recommend him and his services, he was VERY helpful and suggested exercises and home care.
Although he has a cash only business for now and no way to submit a claim to insurance or HRA, rates are reasonable and I was grateful to have seen him.

Theresa O.

What an amazing experience! Dr. Chaloux was thorough in his assessment of my injury and quick to determine a path towards wellness. His "get to know the individual" approach is refreshing and much appreciated. I highly recommend Dr. Chaloux's services!

Brenda F.

Found this gem when needed over weekend! Dr S spent time diagnosing me and was spot on. More than a chiropractor, he took the time to explain and demonstrate exercises to improve my situation. Highly recommend!

Heather L.

I have been having issues with my right shoulder since I sprained it at work early last spring. My husband found dr. Joel for his own reasons but my husband was super impressed with them so I went about my shoulder. Dr. Joel takes the time to talk to you about what's ailing you and what your expectations are from him and he gives you his expectations for you! I only needed to see dr. Joel four or five times. Between the Hands-On therapy and the exercises he gave me to do I was released from treatment after only a month and my shoulder feels great. Doctor Joel is genuinely interested in getting you healthy! I highly recommend him!

Kelly K.